Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Prof. Dr. Iram Anjum


Almost 111 years ago, Kinnaird first opened its gates for the girls of South Asia. Today, I look forward to welcoming you to this century-old house of excellence, knowledge, culture, and ethos, which will leave remarkable lasting imprints on you. When you enter Kinnaird, you don’t merely enter a historical educational institution; you also choose to become a part of its glorious present, as splendid as its history.

Since 1913, Kinnaird has maintained its identity as a trailblazer. From being the first women's college in this region to offering four-year BS programs, being the first women's HEI to have a law school, offering BS Genetics, establishing an Office of Research and Commercialization (ORIC), and creating a women-only Business Incubation Center (BIC), Kinnaird has pioneered in these and many other areas. Our real success lies in the many women leaders and groundbreakers produced by Kinnaird, who have made their mark in the world, a handful of whom we could celebrate on the cover of this handbook.

Although Kinnaird offers a variety of programs to fit your specific passions, interests, and aspirations, we provide more than just education. We ensure our students tread the path of self-discovery and self-actualization, enabling them to identify and pivot on their God-given strengths and build on areas that need development. At Kinnaird, we transform our girls into strong, courageous, independent women, full of character and grace. To me, it’s a process similar to metamorphosis, where we help break open the cocoons that hold you back so beautiful butterflies emerge, who can stretch their wings to fly high and fill the world with color and wonder.

So, I invite you all, those who are sure of who they want to be and those who are still on the quest, to come and join the journey thousands have taken before you—a journey of self-actualization and deep intellectual stimulation. Let Kinnaird embrace and transform you into someone you never thought possible!

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