Kinnaird Archive Centre (KAC)

Established in January 2016, Kinnaird Archive Centre is the first-of-its kind digital repository of Kinnaird College for Women. The Archive was envisioned by the Principal to preserve and showcase the rich history of South Asia’s premier women’s institution. With examples like the Ruskin College, it was feared that in time documents and photographs responsible for recreating the collective memories of the College will be lost into oblivion.

The aim of the Centre is to develop a rich and meaningful audio-visual archive showcasing the century old legacy of Kinnaird and its contribution in educating and empowering thousands of women since its inception in 1913. The Kinnaird Archive Centre is a model initiative collecting pieces of Kinnaird’s legacy through official records, photographs, newspapers, oral history interviews, books, audio-visual materials and other publications.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Kinnaird Archive Centre has digitized over 28,000 archival images which are available to current and prospective students, College alumni, faculty members and independent researchers for non-commercial research and artistic endeavors. The Kinnaird Archive Centre is a growing repository and we hope to employ our archives in the future to produce publications, curate thematic shows and setup a public museum to celebrate the legacy and character of Kinnaird College for Women.

The Team

Mr. Muhammad Owais Rana
Mr. Rana is an Acumen Fellow and the former Director of The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, a leading private archive preserving Pakistan’s history. He has a cumulative experience of eight years in building large archives and provides strategic leadership to the Kinnaird Archive Centre.
Ms. Tehreem Tahir
Project Coordinator
Ms. Tehreem holds an M.Phil in Political Science and is an alumnus of Kinnaird College. She is responsible for maintaining donor relations, day-to-day operations and marketing of the Centre.

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Support Us

Kinnaird College for Women being one of pioneering institutions stands for women’s mettle and strength hence need for such a Centre was evident but retracing footsteps of history can be challenging where group effort is required. Your support in further building the nascent archives will help our team in developing KAC as a vibrant face showcasing all that Kinnaird embodies. Your contribution in the form of sharing memorabilia of your time at the College will help Kinnaird in creating this timeless repository for all of us to enjoy and/or to use for research.

Please review the Centre’s Acquisition Policy for any archival requests. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the archival donation process, please write to us at archives@kinnaird.edu.pk


Kinnaird College for Women is a Member of the International Council on Archives and the International Council of Museums.

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