clubs & societies

clubs & societies


The Clubs are closely oriented and are linked with their relevant departments like English Club has ties with English department, Urdu club is related to Urdu department and so on. The students associate themselves with the club that is closely related to their discipline. Thus, the activities arranged by them throughout the year are also departmental oriented. However, the annual tutorial that is the biggest and most influential event of any club or society is open to all and all the students irrelevant to their department can join it.

We have 16 different clubs including

Economic Club
English Club
Entrepreneurial Club
Environment Science Club
Fine Arts Club
Food Science Club
French Club
Geography Club
History and Political Science Club
International Relations Club
Media Club
Music Club
Philosophy Club
Physchology Club
Urdu Club


The societies on the other hand are open grounds for all the students. The most renowned and esteemed societies are Kinnaird Debating Society and Najumddin Dramatics Society. The reason behind this is the annual events of both these societies that are widely celebrated. Each year Najumddin Dramatics Society arranges an annual play that continues for three long days and is open to all the audiences. And Debating Society holds a debating championship annually in which the students from all the universities are warmly welcomed. The debating championship is one of the most competitive and intellectually entertaining events of the events we have at Kinnaird. Other societies also have their annual events that include plays, guest sessions or panel discussions. All of the students are highly motivated to attend and participate in these events that boost their extracurricular experiences along with developing an atmosphere of dedication, commitment and confidence.

At Kinnaird we have 12 different societies

Christian Fellowship Society
Debating Society
English Magazine Society
Health Society
Horticulture Society
Islamic Society
Literacy Society
Najamddin Dramatics Society
Rangers Society
Sports Society
Tedx Society
Urdu Society
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