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We are one of the largest, most diverse women's colleges in Pakistan

At Kinnaird College, our community is united in envisioning a future that transcends boundaries. As a unique institution where esteemed academic traditions converge with a distinguished design school, we are reshaping the landscape of education, fostering learning experiences that are not only relevant but also transformative. Our strength lies in the diverse tapestry of experiences and perspectives woven together by our students, faculty, staff, and accomplished alumni.
We are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills and insights needed to make profound contributions to society, empowering them to emerge as leaders in a world marked by complexity and change
The Motto of Kinnaird “Light to guide us, courage to support us and love to unite us”. In these simple but stirring words lies the quintessence of the spirit of Kinnaird, the oldest and most distinguished women’s college of Pakistan. Kinnaird is an institution of learning where a unique and productive blend of education and values has continued to flourish for ninety five years



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Visiting Kinnaird College offers an immersive experience, allowing individuals to explore the rich academic heritage, witness the vibrant campus life, and engage with the diverse community that thrives within its walls.

93 Jail Road, G.O.R. – I Lahore, Punjab
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