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BS Geography

Geography is the study of Earth and provides a broad perspective on the transformation of environment by society and nature at a variety of levels. Areas of study include Physical Geography, study of Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Biosphere, Human Geography, Cultural Geography, Urban Geography, Population Geography, Political Geography, Economic Geography, Practical Geography, Map Making, Map Reading and Ground Surveying Techniques.

The study of Geography has long been recognized as central to a liberal arts education and has served as a foundation for successful careers in many fields. Although the study of Geography is most often associated with careers in cartography, public service, teaching and the research world, but the skills learned through Geographic study have proven useful in a great variety of careers ranging from city administrators, advertising and logistics to the Foreign Service.

Geography students are offered courses in which they learn specific technical skills in computerized information retrieval, spatial data analysis, cartographic representation, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. Geography major is an appropriate base for further specialized training in environmental management.

Geography as a subject is playing a vital role in the curricula in order to prepare students to understand and participate effectively in an increasingly diverse world. We believe in an enriching cirriculum that is a source of pleasure , where pupils seek academic excellence for its own sake, within and beyond the classroom and which aspires to build a community a creative and critical thinkers, with local to global impact.

  • To provide programs that promotes meaningful fieldwork within diverse communities. Our students conduct research and develop skills required to meet the needs. Through their courses and fieldwork, our students develop the dispositions that guide and support them.
  • Recognize science as a way of knowing, including its values and limitations.
  • Achieve a depth and range of knowledge and skills in their discipline our in a multidisciplinary area.
  • Develop abilities of reason and imagination; collect and analyze data, synthesize and draw conclusions; affectively communicate with others.
  • Experience discovery, design, our application within the discipline and beyond.
  • Evidance a commitment to an examined and evloving set of values and professional ethics, leading to informed decisions and including contributions to the discipline and to society.
  • Being knowledgeable in the discipline, prepare for the future, and compatititive in a global society.

Our world is ever-changing and Geography as a subject is organized in a matter that explores, analyzes and comprehends the characteristics of the places that make up our world, using the concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale and change. With a diversity of topicspertaining to physical composition of the earth to discussions related to issues like in equality, globalization and urbanization all are delibrated in order for the students to have the ability to think geographically, using geographical concepts. At every key stage infusion of technology like GIS to prompte IT in the subject and to weave core skills into the the fabric of our caricullum has become a priority. Our vision is that pupils leave with an increased confidence and understanding of Geographical facts and vocabulary, as well as the skills to explore their world and become responsible and valued citizens in our society.

Admission Requirments


FA/F.Sc with minimum 55% marks OR A-level in three main subjects (no subsidiary) with minimum Grade C with Equivalence Certificate OR Grade 12 with minimum Grade C with Equivalence Certificate.

Degree Requirments

To receive BS Geography degree, a student must complete a total of 132 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.50.

Road Map

Semester 1
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Fundamentals of Geography 3
2 Major Physical Geography 3
3 Major Introduction to Cartographic Methods 4
4 Core English – I 3
5 Core Islamic Studies / Core Ethics 2
6 General General – I 3
Total 18
Semester 2
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Advanced Cartographic Methods 4
2 Major Human Geography 3
3 Core English – II 3
4 Core Pakistan Studies 2
5 Core Introduction to Computers 3
6 General General – II 3
Total 18
Semester 3
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Introduction to Geographic Techniques 3
2 Major History and development of Geographic thought 3
3 Core English – III 3
4 General General – III 3
5 General General – IV 3
6 General General – V 3
Total 18
Semester 4
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Ground Survey Techniques 3
2 Major Geomorphology 3
3 Major Climatology 3
4 Major Environment Geography 3
5 Major Quantitative Techniques 3
6 Core Mathematics 3
Total 18
Semester 5
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major G-I-S 3
2 Major Population Geography 3
3 General General – VI 3
4 General General – VII 3
5 General General – VIII 3
Total 15
Semester 6
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Regional Concepts 3
2 Major Medical Geography 3
3 Major Urban Geography 3
4 Major Research Methodology 3
5 Major Economic and Commercial Geography 3
6 General General – IX 3
Total 18
Semester 7
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Cultural Geography 3
2 Major Remote Sensing 3
3 Major Transportation Geography 3
4 Major Data Analysis and Report Writing 3
5 Major G-I-M 3
Total 15
Semester 8
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Disaster and Risk Management 3
2 Major Internship 3
3 Major Research Report 6
Total 12
Category Credit Hours
Core 19
Major 86
General 27
Total 132

Active Citizenship Program

Active Citizenship program offered by Kinnaird College in collaboration with British Council and HEC is a social leadership training program that promotes intercultural dialogue and community-led social development. It is a mandatory requirement for the completion of underGraduate degree and based on two semesters. All students will study the theoretical portion through different activities starting in their 3rd semester. They will plan their social action projects in 4th semester and implement it in the field.