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B.Ed. Education

Accredited by National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education, NACTE Pakistan

B.Ed. Education

The four-year B.Ed. Honors program is designed for students seeking rigorous training to become teachers. The B.Ed. Honors program will train students to excel as teachers as well as understand the intricacies of teaching such as teaching methodologies, classroom management, foundations of education, guidance and counseling, classroom assessment, and psychology of learning among other topics. This is an interdisciplinary program that highlights the relationship between the field of education and other disciplines that influence the process of teaching and learning. Furthermore, students will also become familiar with the educational policies that impact the implementation of educational programs. Students in the program will have practical experience in the classroom under supervision to gain practical knowledge of the theories they have studied in earlier semesters. Practicum is mandatory for every student. Students will conduct research in the field of education under the supervision of their supervisors.

In addition to the knowledge and practice in the selected discipline Kinnaird College emphasizes critical thinking, tolerance and a sense of civic and social responsibility for the development of our students.

Our B. Ed. program has been accredited and awarded ‘W’ category, the highest level of accreditation by National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE) Pakistan. B.Ed. (Hons) at Kinnaird College is the only program in Pakistan having level of accreditation.

Our vision is to empower pre-service teachers to contribute to the field of education in an innovative and enduring manner.

The B.Ed. Honors program aims at developing committed, creative and skilful teachers who exhibit the highest standards of ethics and professional development. The program includes a research-based curriculum, a well-structured teaching practicum, and a range of innovative pedagogies.

Admission Requirments

FA/F.Sc with minimum 60% marks OR A-level in three main subjects (no subsidiary) with minimum Grade B (60%) with Equivalence Certificate OR Grade 12 with minimum Grade B (60%) with Equivalence Certificate.

Degree Requirments

To receive B.Ed. Education degree, a student must complete a total of 134 credit hours with a minimum CGPA of 2.50.

Road Map

Semester 1
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Child Development 3
2 Major General Methods of Teaching 3
3 Major Creative Arts I 3
4 Major Introduction to Linguistics 3
5 Core English– I 3
6 Core Islamic Studies / Core Ethics 2
Total 17
Semester 2
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Educational Psychology 3
2 Major Creative Arts II 3
3 Major Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology 2
4 Core English– II 3
5 Core Pakistan studies 2
6 General General – I 3
Total 16
Semester 3
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Classroom Assessment 3
2 Major Classroom Management 3
3 Major Creative Arts III 3
4 Major Four Basic Skills 3
5 Core English III 3
6 Core Introduction to Computers 3
Total 18
Semester 4
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Teaching of Social Studies 3
2 Major Teaching of Islamiyat 2
3 Major Teaching of English 2
4 Major Teaching Practicum I (Classroom Observations) 3
5 Major Creative Arts IV 2
6 Major Sociolinguistics 3
7 Core Mathematics 3
Total 18
Semester 5
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Teaching of General Science 3
2 Major Teaching of Mathematics 3
3 Major Teaching of Urdu 3
4 Major Teaching Practicum II 3
5 Major Introduction to Literature I (poetry and drama) 3
6 Major Introduction to Literature II (novel, short story & Prose) 3
Total 18
Semester 6
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Research Methods in Education-I (Quantitative) 3
2 Major Introduction to Guidance and Counseling 3
3 Major Foundations of Education 3
4 Major School Management 3
5 Major History of English Literature (Medieval to Romanticism) 3
Total 15
Semester 7
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Research Methods in Education-II (Qualitative) 3
2 Major Instructional and Communication Technology in Education 2
3 Major School, Teacher, and Community 3
4 Major Curriculum and Syllabus Design 3
5 Major Comparative Education 3
6 Major Inclusive Education 3
Total 17
Semester 8
Sr. No. Course Type Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Major Education for Sustainable Development 3
2 Major Development of Education in Pakistan 3
3 Major Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education 3
4 Major Research Report 6
Total 15
Category Credit Hours
Core 19
Major 112
General 3
Total 134

Active Citizenship Program

Active Citizenship program offered by Kinnaird College in collaboration with British Council and HEC is a social leadership training program that promotes intercultural dialogue and community-led social development. It is a mandatory requirement for the completion of underGraduate degree and based on two semesters. All students will study the theoretical portion through different activities starting in their 3rd semester. They will plan their social action projects in 4th semester and implement it in the field.