Arts (F.A.) – Intermediate

Arts (F.A.) – Intermediate

Intermediate in Arts (F.A.)

Compulsory Subjects:
Sr. No. Subject Name
1 English
2 Urdu or Pak Culture/Easy Urdu* for Foreign Students
3 Pakistan Studies
4 Islamic Studies or Civics for Minority Students
5 Translation of the Holy Quran

Humanities: Applicants should choose three elective subjects, one from each group respectively, for the Humanities Group.

Sr. No. Subject Name
1 Statistics
2 Geography
3 English Literature
4 Languages
5 Advance Urdu
6 French
7 Persian
8 Punjabi
Sr. No. Subject Name
1 Mathematics
2 Philosophy
3 Civics
4 Fine Arts
5 Education
Sr. No. Subject Name
1 Economics
2 Psychology
3 Islamic History
4 World History
5 Music
6 Physical Education

*Foreign Students or Pakistani who have resided outside Pakistan for more than 3 years are eligible to take Pak Culture or Easy Urdu instead of Urdu Compulsory. The applicant must seek approval to do so from the Lahore Board within two weeks of their admission. Those applicants, who have not taken Urdu as a subject while studying abroad must pass an examination in Geography of Pakistan.

Important for the Applicants to the Humanities

  • A subject will only be offered if 15 or more students opt for the subject.
  • Applicants opting for subjects that require practicals such as Psychology, Geography or Physical Education, are advised not to choose Fine Arts due to possible clashes of practical timings of Fine Arts classes.
  • Physical Education will only be offered in evening shift.
  • Fine Arts classes are conducted in the morning i.e. 8.00 am on wards.
  • Applicants can choose only two subjects from among Statistics, Mathematics and Economics. The third subject should be chosen from the rest of the subjects in the Humanities group. For example, applicants can choose Statistics, Mathematics and Psychology or Statistics, Economics and Civics or Economics, Mathematics and French, etc.
  • 80% marks are required in Matriculation Mathematics if a candidate wants to take Mathematics and /or Statistics as an elective subject.
  • Aptitude test is required if a candidate of F.A wants to take Fine Arts as elective subject.
  • All applicants applying for admission on seats reserved for Sports must take Physical Education as an elective subject. Other interested applicants may also take the subject after successfully undertaking a physical efficiency test.
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